Monday, June 15, 2015

(Video) The Ten Faces of Michael Jackson - 10 Gương Mặt Của Michael Jackson (USA, 2015)

Throughout his life, speculation surrounding the cosmetic procedures that Michael Jackson may have had on his face remained just that – speculation. The truth was always shrouded in denial and secrecy.

Over his incredible 45-year career, Jacksonʼs face changed massively from that of an angelic baby-faced boy to a frail man whose nose had all but collapsed.

Now, for the first time, details of the singerʼs autopsy reveal exactly how much plastic surgery Michael Jackson had done, when it happened and what it tells us about the legendary singer.

This brand new documentary presents an indepth analysis of the ten ʻdifferentʼ faces Michael Jackson had during his life, illustrated with exclusive and candid interviews with Michaelʼs sister Latoya, his lifelong friend Mark Lester, Steve Erdhart, the man who acted as the guinea pig for his chin surgery.

The programme uses CGI rendering of Michaelʼs face to highlight how dramatically it changed throughout his life. It also hypothesises what his face would have looked like with no surgery, how he may have looked today had he lived, and speculates about what further treatments he may have had.

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